Part Exchange

Part Exchange

Here at Kent Motoring Company you can part exchange your car with to get the best trade-in value for your vehicle. Our valuations are fair, honest, hassle free and do not incur any transaction fees. Our free valuations service is based on current market trends obtained from reliable market data platforms to ensure you’ll always get our best price.

Part Exchange vs. Selling it Yourself

Looking to sell your vehicle? Before you place that private ad, read below to find out why it makes more sense to sell your vehicle to us instead.


Selling your car requires significant effort on your part. In order to sell your used car, you’ll have to do things like running classified ads, field phone calls and have strangers come to your house to go on test drives. Then of course, you’ll have to negotiate.


If you want to sell your car yourself, you will need to ensure it is all good maintained and all parts are working. This is extra worry and cost you money too, including fixing brakes, tires and other pricey items. If you trade-in with a dealership, they cover all of the reconditioning expenses.


Sometimes selling your car can be very dangerous too. If you decided to sell your vehicle yourself, be very careful and take the proper precautions to make sure your personal and financial safety. When setting up appointments with potential buyers that you don’t know, only schedule meetings when a friend or family member can be there with you.


When you trade-in your car, you’ll prevent any issues with a dissatisfied customer later on. What happens if the engine burns up or the transmission goes out? If you sell your car, the new owner knows where you live and may contact or harass you. When you trade-in your vehicle, the dealership assumes all of the responsibility and you can walk away carefree.

Preparing Your Car for Part Exchange

Before you sell your vehicle to us, make sure you bring the following documents and items with you:

  • Current Photo Identification
  • Vehicle Registration & V5C Document (Log Book)
  • All Keys and Remotes
  • Vehicle Service Book
  • Current Mot Document
  • All Other Relevant Documents

Delivery Information

Kent Motoring Company can arrange for your purchased vehicle to be delivered to your doorstep as part of our friendly Sales Service at your preferred time and date.

There will be a small charge for this service. Alternatively, if you wish to enjoy the thrill of driving your new car straight away then we won’t stop you from such pleasure.

For more information about this service please speak to us.